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Wood Pellet Manufacturing Equipment

Wood Pellet Manufacturing Equipment
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Product Details

Main description

The machine consists of a complete processing line that includes a tapered screw and other accessories. Machines can make wood pellets, and the resulting pellets are similar in shape and size, without much difference. And the produced particles have a beautiful appearance and a high density.

It can be converted into animal feed by using wood waste, etc. This product is suitable for aquaculture, feed processing plants, poultry farming, etc.
Our machine's competitive advantage
It can improve the use of waste materials such as wood chips and rice husks to save energy and protect the environment.


1. Wood chip granulator is an automatic equipment with automatic oil supply device to lubricate the machine.
2. Wood chip machine has high precision, simple structure, convenient operation, high degree of automation, and the gear is made of stainless steel.
3. Applicability: It can be applied to various biological raw materials, industrial waste convertible biological raw materials and solid waste into high-density energy fuel.

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