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Wood Pallet Crusher Machine

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Introduction of Wood Pallet Crusher Machine:

Our latest research and development with the world's first major crush mill building templates nail some bamboo, waste on site template, template construction waste, wood pallets, containers, boxes, discarded furniture, wood waste and other waste wood with nails. These wood, nails will be unavoidable, use an ordinary machining damage to the machine, and building templates developed our latest crush is not afraid of work sawdust machine nails, a professional crush all kinds with nails, wood ideal cement blocks choice. This device comes with iron removal system, to achieve the finished product is 100% free nails.


Crusher Machine is widely used to crush various biomass wood waste and straw raw materials. This is the best choice for the preparation of abrasive materials for pellet machines.

No pollution, high efficiency:

The internal cooling structure of the crusher can avoid high temperature damage caused by friction and prolong the service life of the machine. The machine is equipped with a dust collector to avoid dust pollution. All in all, the machine is low temperature, low noise and high efficiency.

Parameters of Wood Pallet Crusher Machine:



Feeding Size(cm)



37+30+(1.5*4)+5.5 for sawdust


3-4 for sawdust

37+(1.5*4) for chips

6-8 for chips


45+37+(1.5*4)+7.5 for sawdust


4-6 for sawdust

45+(1.5*4) for chips

10-12 for chips

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