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Wood Debarking Machine

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Introduction of Wood Debarking Machine:

1. This machine is a rotor tooth with unique force in the peeling production, so that the wood repeatedly circulates in the hopper groove plate part, rotates around its own axis, segmentation and irregular jumping. This model uses wooden teeth and maintains the friction between the tanks to quickly separate the bark for effective peeling.

2. One end is inserted and the other end is inserted. It is better than one of the rotations. It must stop the motor to remove the stripped branches.

3. Applicable to many different trees, especially curved trees have a higher peel rate than traditional rotating trees.

4. The machine is fixed at work, so the power consumption and failure rate are small and the noise is low.

The wood peeling machine has high peeling efficiency, long service life and low cost. The machine adopts infinitely variable speed technology to automatically adjust the feeding speed, suitable for various wood stripping of different tree species, different diameter grades and different bending degrees. This series of products has good peeling quality, high production efficiency and domestic advanced technology in terms of technical performance.

Wood peeling machine Scope of application:

It is suitable for peeling new crops and some hardwoods, and also for peeling of some frozen and dry materials.

Parameters of Wood Debarking Machine:






5-10 t/h

10-15 t/h

15-25 t/h


11*2 KW

15*2 KW

20*2 KW


6300 mm

9000 mm

12600 mm


1310 mm

1500 mm

1500 mm


1550 mm

1700 mm

1700 mm


4 t

5 t

8.5 t

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