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Log Debarker Machine

Log Debarker Machine
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Wood peeling machine, also known as the log debarker machine, which is the very practical wood processing equipment. This wood debarker machine can peel off all kinds of logs. Wood peelers are used in a wide range of applications, often in furniture manufacturers and wood chips processing plants.

Main applications of the wood peeling machine

Wood debarker machine is suitable for medium-sized fiberboard factory, paper mill, wood-cutting factory, wood chips factory, paper pulp factory and so on. This peeling machine is suitable for the stripping of newly cut coniferous forests and some broad-leaved forests, as well as the peeling of partially frozen and dry wood. This log debarking machine is ideal for peeling popular wood species such as eucalyptus and poplar. It is also suitable for wood processing and automated production.

wood debarker

Log debarker machine structure

The wood debarking machine can be divided into the trough type of peeling machine and rolling type of peeling machine; The trough type of wood debarker machine can be divided into the single-slot peeling machine and double-slot peeling machine. The log debarking machine has a compact structure which is composed of the trough device(including trough rack, gear cylinder), motor, motor housing, rotor, the feeding structure, cutter, transmission device, chassis, and other components.

How does the wood debarker machine work?

The machine adopts an open silo, which can carry out the assembly line operation from one end and the other, which overcomes the shortcomings of the existing drum type wood stripping machine, such as power failure feeding and discharging, and segmented working mode. efficient. Due to the impact of the teeth on the wood section, not only the wood section is circulated in the casing, but also rotates around itself, so the stripping efficiency is high, and the frozen wood, dry wood, and hard-to-peel trees are also better stripped. rate.

peeled logs

This wood debarker has strong adaptability to wood. It can peel the wood segments of different tree species, diameters, lengths, and shapes. Because the wood segments do the rotary motion and irregular beating, the concave part of the curved wood segment can also be very good with the peeling teeth. s contact. Therefore, the stripping rate of curved logs is much higher than other drum types. Because the huge casing is fixed, so the energy consumption is small, the failure rate is low, the maintenance workload is small, the vibration and noise are much lower than the roller wood peeling machine, the machine can be produced on the ground, even without the base installation.

Main features of the wood debarking machine

1. This machine with rotor teeth, it strips the wood with doing the recurring cycle movement, it also around its own axis to do woodturning motion segment.

2. One side to put in, the other side for the outlet, it's better than the rotary one, which has to stop the motor to take the peeled trees out.

3. It's suitable for kids of different trees, especially for the bend one, it has a higher peeling rate than traditional rotary type.

4. The machine is fixed when working, so the power consumption and the failure rate is less and with low noise.

5. The wood debarking machine can peel wood bark within the diameter of 20-600mm, with different capacities, very clean and efficient.

real working effect of the log debarker

Technical parameter of the log debarking machine








Double Roller

Barking rate

> 90%

Log length


Log loss rate

< 2%

Log diameter


Conveyor Motor



5.9m length, 600mm width

Packing Size




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1.Q: Can I visit your company and test the wood debarker machine in person?

A: Yes, of course. We will be very glad to fetch you to our wood processing machine factory and test the machine you want, and we can also provide you the machine parameters and detailed machine operating instructions.

2.Q: Can this machine be designed with movable wheels?

A: Yes. If you need the movable type of wood chipper, we can also customize it for you. Actually, the disc type of wood chipper can be designed with the wheels for easy moving in the forest and mountains. And the drum type wood chipper is big and heavy for wood chips production in the flat place with fixed feet.

Our Company

Shuliy machinery is a professional manufacturer and supplier for all kinds of wood processing machines and a series of supporting equipment. Our main wood processing machines include the wood crusher, wood chipper, wood shaving machine, wood pellet machine, wood debarking machine and so on. As the professional wood processing machine manufacturer, we can also provide the supporting equipment like screw conveyor, dust collector, motors and so on.

Our machines have been sold to more than 30 countries such as southeast Asia, Africa, the middle east and north America. Our business principle is to develop mutual benefits and establish long term relationships with our customers. We will provide high-quality products, prompt delivery and competitive price to our customers. We sincerely welcome the old and new customers to visit our company and negotiate business with us.

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