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Wood Chipper
The high-efficient drum wood chipper machine is the special wood processing equipment for making good wood chips on a large scale for most of the cardboard and paper making plants. The final wood chips have even size and thickness.
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Product Details

Drum wood chippers are a proven device for producing high-quality wood chips from different wood species. When the machine is in operation, the logs are horizontally clamped by a special toothed feed roller and continuously fed into the chip rotor. The blade on the rotor cuts the material into wood pieces that meet the desired length. The final wood chips will pass through a specially adapted screen mesh. This commercial wood chipper machine is the important wood processing equipment for making high-quality wood chips on a large scale.

Why choose this drum wood chipper?

The wood chipping machine is widely used in various wood processing plants mainly for processing raw materials. The materials processed by the drum chipper are widely used in the fields of papermaking, particleboard, fiberboard, wood powder processing, industrial preparation and so on. Due to its high output and high work efficiency, this electric wood chipper equipment is often used in various wood processing bases.

wood chipping machine details

The drum wood chipper can cut materials such as logs, small diameter wood, twigs, wooden sticks, plates, etc. into materials of uniform length and flat cut. This automatic wood shredder machine can also cut wood processing scraps, harvest wood waste, such as branches, branches, boards, slats, round wood core, waste veneer, etc. This machine can also cut all kinds of sugar cane, reed, bamboo, and other materials.

The structure and working principle of the commercial wood chipper

The structure design of this wood chipper shredder machine is not complicated. The machine is welded by a high-quality stainless steel plate structure. The whole machine is mainly composed of the body, motor, knife roll, upper and lower feeding rolls, conveyor belt, hydraulic system and so on. The high-strength welded plate is the supporting cornerstone of the machine.

The knife roll of the drum wood chipper is equipped with two or three or four flying knives, and the fly knives are fixed on the knife roll by a pressure block. Depending on the thickness of the material being cut, the upper feed roller assembly can be floated up and down within a certain range by means of a hydraulic system. The cut piece of the qualified piece falls through the screen hole and is discharged from the bottom, and the large piece of material is cut in the machine.

drum wood chipper working effect

The hydraulic system of the commercial drum chipper: supplied by the oil pump to the cylinder, the cover can be activated to facilitate the replacement of the blade; the upper feed roller assembly can be lifted during maintenance to facilitate adjustment of the gap between the flying knife and the bottom knife and the combing plate disassembly and assembly. The structure of the machine is reasonable, and it is only necessary to put the material on the conveyor belt.

Main differences between drum wood chipper and disc wood chipper

The disc wood chipper and the drum chipper are divided according to the structure of the chipper. The wood chipper is divided into two types, a flat feed port, and a diagonal feed port, depending on the feed port. The quality of the chips cut by the disc chipper is better than that of the drum chipper, and the discharge size is evener than that of the drum chipper. So if the cut pieces are ready to be sent to the power plant, then it is more appropriate to choose a disc chipper.

commercial wood chipping machine

However, the disc wood chipper has certain limitations, that is, the adaptability of the raw material is small. The raw materials of the disc wood slicer are generally large in diameter and uniform in size. What if you need to cut some uneven wood? A drum wood chipper is used at this time. The advantage of the drum chipper is that it is widely adaptable to the raw materials. Not only can you cut logs, but you can also cut small diameter wood. Even some of the remaining materials for harvesting wood, as well as non-woody grasses such as bamboo and cotton, can be sliced.

Outstanding features of the wood chipper machine

1. This machine can be designed with various models with different working capacities, so that no matter what your requirements for the wood chips production are, we can support you with the most appropriate one with the best price.

2. Except for the electric drive of this commercial wood chipper, we can also provide you the wood chipping machine with the diesel engine drive.

3. This drum wood chipper has high working efficiency for making good wood chips, and the final wood chips have even size and thickness and can be adjusted by changing with different mesh screens.

wood chips production

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1.Q: Can I visit your company and test the wood chipper machine in person?

A: Yes, of course. We will be very glad to fetch you to our wood processing machine factory and test the machine you want, and we can also provide you the machine parameters and detailed machine operating instructions.

2.Q: Can this machine be designed with movable wheels?

A: Yes. If you need the movable type of wood chipper, we can also customize it for you. Actually, the disc type of wood chipper can be designed with the wheels for easy moving in the forest and mountains. And the drum type wood chipper is big and heavy for wood chips production in the flat place with fixed feet.

3.Q: Can the screening mesh be replaced by myself?

A: Yes, of course. The mealworm screening mesh can be changed with the new one when it is worn out, and the changing is very easy for you. We can also provide you the detailed manual for guiding your work.

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