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Incenses Stick Counting and Packing Machine

Applicable to a wide range of Buddha incense (long incense), stick incense, bamboo stick incense and other incenses counting and packing.
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Product Details

Zhengzhou Shuliy Machinery Co., Ltd according to the features of incense, developed the fully automatic incenses packing machine with counting part. It can pack Buddha incense (long incense), mosquito king, six generations of incense, stick incense, bamboo stick incense and other fragrant count and packaging. All automated assembly line, simple operation, high stability, low reject rate, save labor, improve production efficiency, Safety, and health, reliable quality, after-sales service in place, is the first professional equipment research and development in China. we have good production, sales, and after-sales service in one of the packaging machinery manufacturers.

Main performance and structural characteristics:

1. The machine uses touchscreen control, intelligent control plc master circuit, measurement accuracy.
Automatic fault detection, easy operation, and easy adjustment.
2. With the high-quality double-service simple mechanical structure, easy to maintain, less wear and tear, long lifetime.
3. High-precision fiber detection, accurate and reliable.
4. Bag length without manual setting, equipment homemade.
5. End seal structure is adjustable, so that the seal is more perfect, and rule out the phenomenon of cutting.
6. The host part spray paint processing, we can make the machine according to customer needs.

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