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Plastic Bottle (bag) Recycling Granulator

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Plastic bottle (bag) recycling granulator is applicable to polypropylene and other plastic regeneration under high or low pressure. The plastic bottle (bag) recycling machine is equipped with automatic thermostatic controlling system, automatic filter changing device. If the crushed materials is used for granulating, collaborate the granulator with a forced propelling device. The slip frequency motor for speed adjusting, then the granulating synchronously carried out according to the discharging speed of the main machine. This machine has the characteristics of high output, low noise, stable performance, easy operation, etc.

Application range of the plastic bottle (bag) recycling granulator

The plastic bottle(bag)recycling pelleting machine is mainly applied to the plastic regeneration granulation of old and new high-pressure polyethylene, low-pressure polyethylene, polypropylene and so on, and granulation of mingled engineering plastics including machinable common plastic film, plastic woven bag, convenient bag, basin, barrel, beverage bottles, furniture, daily supplies, etc. the pelletizer is the most widely used plastic recycling device, which is popular with the owners of plastic recycling factories.

The plastic pelleting machine is designed for small and medium-sized plastic recycling enterprises or individual start-ups. The pelletizer is characterized by small size, low energy consumption, easy operate, less fault, long service life. The main machine of plastic bottle (bag) recycling granulator is extruder, which is composed of extrusion system, transmission system, heating and cooling system.

1. Extrusion system includes screw, pelletizing cylinder, feeding hopper, machine end and pelleting mold. The plastics are moulded into uniformed melt under the pressing by the extrusion system.

(1) Screw: it is the most important part of the extruder, which decides the performance and output of the extruder. The screw is made of high strength corrosion resistant alloy steel.

(2) Cylinder: it is a metal cylinder, which is usually made of alloy steel or composite steel tube characterized by heat, high compression, severe wear, and corrosion resistance. With the combination of machine barrel and the screw rod the crushing, softening, melting, plasticizing, exhausting and compacting aim of the plastics can be realized. And the continuously and evenly transfer the rubber materials to the molding system. In general, the length of the barrel is 15 ~ 30 times of its diameter, so that the plastic can be fully heated and fully plasticized.

(3) Feeding hopper: the bottom of the hopper is equipped with a cutting device to adjust and cut off the melted plastic flow, and the side of hopper is equipped with a sight hole and a calibration device.

(4) Machine end and mold: the end is composed of alloy steel inner sleeve and carbon steel outer sleeve, and is equipped with a forming mold. The function of the machine end is to convert the movement of pelletizing melt from rotation to linear motion, then guide it smoothly into the mold sleeve, and lay the necessary forming pressure on the plastic melt. Then the plastic melt is plasticized and compacted in the cylinder, and flows from the porous filter plate into and the molding mold mounted on the machine end. The mold core and mold sleeve are appropriately matched to form the annular gap with constantly decreasing cross section, so that the plastic melt forms a continuous dense tubular coating layer around the core wire. In order to ensure the smooth plastic flow in the cylinder and eliminate the accumulated plastic, diverging sleeve and equalizing ring to eliminate the pressure fluctuation during plastic extrusion. The machine is also equipped with a mould correction and adjustment device for adjusting and correcting the concentricity of the mould and sleeve.

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