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Automatic chain heat-shrinkable film packaging machine, heat-shrinkable film bag plastic sealing machine, heat-shrinkable machine tableware packaging machine.

The conveyance part of the heat-shrinkable packaging machine adopts electronic stepless speed change, which has the characteristics of long life and low noise. The heating part adopts the quartz far-infrared tube heating method, which can continuously produce infrared radiation when working. With the strong wind circulation, the temperature of the heating chamber becomes very uniform, and it is also very energy-saving.

First of all, it is necessary to manually place the material in the shrink film, and then put it on the conveyor belt of the packaging machine. The conveyor belt will take the material into the hot shrink room for heating, so that the shrink film can wrap the product. At the same time, the goods after packaging can play the role of sealing, moisture-proof, pollution-proof, can protect the goods from external impact, has a certain buffer, but also looks beautiful. Especially when packaging fragile goods, can prevent items from falling apart. It also reduces the likelihood that the product will be dismantled or stolen.


This kind of packaging is mainly used for disposable tableware packaging, mobile phone packaging, cigarette packaging, document packaging, food packaging, medical packaging, book packaging and crafts packaging.

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