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Pencil Cutting And Abrading Machine

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Pencil cutting and abrading machine equips with two functions of pencil polishing machine and pencil cutting head machine. This machine is the third step in the process of pencil making. It is mainly used to polish the surface of the rod (the semi-finished product of the pencil) rolled out by the pencil reeler, so as to prepare it for the next step by putting on a beautiful coat. Besides, it also intercepts the rod according to the preset length, and then carries out the whole body polishing.

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Relative Equipment:

There is another similar machine in the market at ordinary times, which is to separate the two functions of pencil polishing machine and pencil cutting head machine, one function and one machine, so as to facilitate those customers who are short of funds. For a long time, some businesses will only cut the length of pencils to the same length to save costs, and the surface will not be polished.

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total moto



100pcs/m in

2.2kw total weight: 130kg


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