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Fish Food Pellet Making Machine

Fish Food Pellet Making Machine
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Fish feed usually includes meat, grains, vitamins and minerals. Common cereals such as soybean meal, corn flour, and crushed wheat are often used to improve the nutrition of fish feed. The shelf life of fish feed is about 10 to 12 months. Some manufacturers also add some vitamins E and C as natural preservatives.

Our company can provide different types of fish feed making machines, which can be widely used in floating aquafeeds.

Our production line uses food, meat powder, fishmeal, beans and other raw materials to produce fish and poultry feed with novel shape, unique taste, rich nutrition and exquisite structure. The product is subjected to high pressure extrusion and is sterilized at high temperature in the production process, which is widely welcomed by the market.

1. The tool, feeder and spindle are all controlled by inverter to ensure stable operation.
2. The wear parts are made of special anti-wear alloy and have long service life.
3. Equipped with a barrel heating system to facilitate control of product quality.
4. Low failure rate, easy to adjust and maintain.
5. Mainly used for the production of special feeds such as aquatic feed, pet food, and textured protein.

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