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Fish Feed Pellet Machine

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From 40 kg per hour to 2 tons per hour, our machines have many different models and different output to meet the needs of various customers. Our machines are widely used by large, medium and small aquaculture farmers. In addition, we provide two kinds of power to provide kinetic energy for the machine, an electric motor and a diesel engine, which is a great choice for lack of electricity in some remote areas. In recent years, our machines have been well received by customers in the United States, Congo, Nigeria, Togo, Myanmar, Vietnam, Brazil and other countries.

fish feed pellet machine diesel engine

Main structure and working principle of extruder

This machine is mainly composed of feeder (bucket), extruder, power transmission system, frame, electronic control system, etc.

1. Feeder. The feeder is a speed regulating screw composed of a hopper, a conveying screw, a discharge pipe, a casing and a reduction motor.

2. Squeeze the unit. The extruder is the core component of the pellet feeding machine. According to different raw materials and different discharging methods, the appropriate model and group are selected.

3. Electrical control system. The configuration is different depending on the power of the host and the form of feed. This machine has a separate control box that is fixed to the machine. Each motor of the system can be started and stopped independently.

4. How it works. The material from the feed box from the extrusion screw (group) to the compression chamber passes the steam plug in the first stage to obtain the initial extrusion and heating. After that, heating is continued by pressing to varying degrees until the material is discharged.

mold sample

fish feed pellet machine mold

Main characteristics of floating fish food

1. Can adapt to different production requirements. Large and medium feed mills can use this machine for raw material processing or special feed production. Such as detoxification of puffed whole soybean, puffed corn, cotton meal (or vegetable meal) or pet feed, fish feed or other special feed Small feed factories or large and medium-sized farms can also use extruder as the main equipment to produce full-price extruded feed.

2. The machine can adapt to different materials and different production conditions. Our machine is equipped with a speed regulating feeder, which can adjust the output according to the situation and customer requirements.

3. The extrusion screw is a sleeve-type combined structure, and the screw sleeve is a rod-like structure with an inner cylinder. According to different expansion requirements, the extruded screw group can be flexibly combined, and then matched with different materials to adapt to different processing conditions.

4. The structure of this machine is simple and practical. The machine is compact in appearance, simple in structure, easy to use and maintain. The multi-power engine is highly adaptable. We have a deep understanding of power shortages in some parts of Africa and in remote areas. So our machines can be used not only with electric motors, but also with diesel engines.

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