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Poultry Equipment Manure Scraper

Poultry Equipment Manure Scraper
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The manure scraper is suitable for cleaning up the manure on the farm. The scraper is mainly composed of the main motor, a reducer, a traction rope, a corner wheel, and a scraping board. The structural principle is very simple and very convenient to use.

The application scope of the manure scraper

The manure scraper is suitable for the collective culture farm and is not suitable for free-range farms. This machine can be used to remove chicken manure, duck manure, cow dung, pig manure and so on. There are a large number of pathogens and bacteria in the animal's feces, and the use of machines to clean up the feces not only reduces labor costs but also inhibits the spread of the disease to some extent.


How does the manure scraper work?

After the power is turned on, the main motor starts to run, and the motor transmits power to the reducer. The reducer drives the belt or the V-belt drive to pull the traction rope. The scraping manure plate is connected by the traction rope and the speed reducing motor. At this time, the scraping manure plate reciprocates under the action of the traction force to clean the feces in the manure.

Advantages of the manure scraper

1. The manure scraper is made of thickened material and has a reasonable structure and excellent quality to withstand greater traction.

2. The motor adopts an internationally famous brand motor, which has more power and longer service life.

3. The cleaning effect is good. Ability to clean more than 95% of feces.

4. Small rollers are installed on both sides of the scraping board to avoid scratches between the scraping board and the wall, protecting the machine and the wall.

5. The scraper is made of the high-precision machines and never deforms.

structure of the manure scraper

Parameters of the manure scraper

1. Power: 0.5-3.5kw

2. Voltage: 220v/380v

3. Weight: 150-300kg

4. Usage: chicken, cow, pig, sheep...


1. How many manure channels can this machine handle at a time?

A: In general, one or two manures can be cleaned to avoid underpower. If you need to clean up more manure, you can buy more or contact us to make a custom.

2. Can the dung road be cleaned with a length of 60 meters?

A: of course, my friends, Our cleaning trip can be up to 100 meters.

3. What’s is the material of the manure scraper?

A: Usually, the scraper is made of iron, galvanized or painted to prevent the machine from corrosion and rust due to long-term contact with water. If you have special requirements, we can also make a stainless steel machine.

detail part of the dung scraper

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