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Egg Tray Production Line

Egg Tray Production Line
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The egg tray machine production line mainly consists of a pulping machine, an egg tray forming machine, and a dryer. The raw materials for making egg trays are mainly various waste papers, including newspapers, cartons and other materials.

Application scope of egg tray production line

The egg tray production line can be used to make a variety of paper trays, including but not limited to egg trays, fruit trays, toy trays, electronic component trays, and wine trays, porcelain trays, and the like. To make these different products, you don't need to replace any machine, just change the mold. The operation is very simple and can achieve multiple functions of one machine.

Egg tray production process

Raw materials such as pulp - adding water, crushing, pulping - egg tray forming - drying egg tray - the packaging

Relevant production equipment

Pulp machine (requires the construction of three pools) - egg tray forming machine - drying line


Step 1: Making the paper pulp (pulp machine)

First, the recovered waste paper is placed in a pulper, and water is added to make a pulp. The inside of the pulper has a rotating agitator, the wetted carton, newspapers, etc. can be broken easily, but it is not easy to achieve the corresponding fineness. This pulper can make paper into pulp in a short time, and the pulp is fine and meets the requirements.

Step 2: Adjust the ratio of pulp to water (3 pools)

In the process, you need to build three pools yourself. The size of the pool depends on the production capacity. A pool is needed to place the finished pulp, and a pool is needed to adjust the ratio of water to the pulp. If you want to make a colored egg tray, you can also add pigment to this step. The last pool is used to store the finished pulp. And in the next process, the pulp overflowing in the molding machine will flow into this pool again for reuse.

Step 3: Egg tray molding (egg tray making machine)

The egg tray machine is the main machine of the egg tray production line, which mainly includes a drum molding machine, a transfer mold, a vacuum pump, an air compressor, a storage tank, a fuselage and the like. The suction pump sucks the pulp into the storage tank, and the drum molding machine applies the pulp to the surface of the mold, and the transfer mold and the molding machine continuously squeeze each other to extrude excess water. The effluent water will flow back to the reservoir through the vacuum adsorption system. At this point, the egg tray has been pressed.

Step 4: Egg tray drying (drying production line )

Choose different drying methods depending on weather conditions, production size, etc. Common drying methods include natural drying, mesh drying, and drying in the drying room. In some countries with good natural conditions, the annual temperature is between 25 degrees Celsius and 35 degrees Celsius, and this method can be used for drying. The mesh belt drying and drying room drying are more suitable for large production lines. The two are basically the same, but the drying room adapts to a larger output.


1. There is no wastewater in the whole production process, saving resources and protecting the environment.

2. The mold is made of stainless steel, and the gap between the molds is no more than 2mm. Ensure that the size of the prepared egg tray is uniform and does not cause cracks.

3. Egg tray forming machines are available in a variety of models and in a variety of capacities, so you can choose according to your needs.

4. It can be a machine that has many uses. It can be used to make egg trays, wine trays, etc.


1. What are the models of the egg tray host?

A: at present, there are single-sided egg tray machine, four-sided egg tray machine, eight-sided egg tray machine, and twelve-sided egg tray machine.

2. Can you give me the parameters of the four side egg machine?



Water paper

Water consumption

Electricity consumption














Our company

Shuli Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has extensive experience in the manufacturing of egg tray machines. Customers from Sudan have purchased our egg tray production line, which is currently in use. And got a very good response. We are willing to achieve a win-win situation with our customers and give our customers peace of mind.

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