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Mealworm Separator Machine

Mealworm Separator Machine
mealworm separator machine is the practical mealworm processing equipment for sieving out the worm skins and slung, dead and damaged mealworm, and also can screen the big mealworm, small mealworm and pupae from the bulk of mealworms.
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The mealworm separator machine can also be called the mealworm screening machine, mealworm sorting machine and so on. This automatic screening machine can not only sieve out the dead or damaged larvae but also can separate the pupae, big mealworms and small mealworms efficiently. Besides, this mealworm sorting machine can also sieve out the larvae slung and skins for keeping a clean living environment of the mealworm.

Mealworm Separator Machine

Why mealworm feeding is so popular now?

Mealworms are protein-rich insect larvae. Its edible value, economic value, and medicinal value are very high. According to detect proving, dry yellow mealworm contains adipose 30%, contains protein to be as high as 50% above, and it also contain in addition phosphorus, potassium, iron, na, aluminum wait for constant element and a variety of microelement.

The mealworm can be used for feeding fish, birds and other kinds of animals. And it can also be processed for making high-quality mealworm powder which is very popular on the market for making all kinds of animal feed.

mealworm feeding

Why use the mealworm separator machine for screening?

During the mealworm breeding process, there often occurs a "dead insect" phenomenon, at this point, the dead mealworm should be removed from the bulk mealworms in order to avoid influence on live mealworms. But for separating the dead worms from live worms, the traditional manual screening for picking out the dead worms one by one is very inefficient and will take a lot of time.

The special sieving machine for yellow mealworm can quickly produce larva and dead mealworm, greatly reduce the mortality rate of yellow mealworm caused by screening, and can distinguish four different body sizes of finished insects, large, medium and small insects. The screen box of the machine is easy to split, easy to collect and clean the remaining yellow mealworm in the box, high efficiency, greatly reduce the cost of the artificial screen.

Mealworm Separator Machine

Working principle of the mealworm separator machine

The mealworm automatic screening device is provided with an open bracket at the upper end, and a sieve which can be directly taken up and down is placed in the bracket through a pressure spring. The sieve includes an upper screen and a lower screen arranged relatively. The upper screen and the lower screen are arranged tilting along the same side. The bottom of the lower screen is equipped with a vibrating motor through the connecting plate.

On both sides of the bracket, one left and one right are equipped with drainage grooves protruding from the sidewall of the bracket to collect the larvae after screening. When this mealworm sorting machine is working, it will sieve out the larvae slung and skins, dead and damaged mealworms continuously and then grade the mealworms into four levels based on the mealworm size.

mealworm larvae

Factors affecting screening rate of mealworm and methods of adjustment

The same mealworm screening machine is operated by different people, in different environments, the cleaning rate, and efficiency will be very different because the selection is live insects, so the adjustment should be flexible, in order to give full play to the machine's maximum effect.

1. Temperature factor: when the temperature is lower than 25℃, the crawling ability of the yellow mealworm will be greatly reduced. When the mealworm sorting machine runs, healthy insects will directly fall into the dead insects and pupae, which will affect the cleaning rate.

Suggestion: try to operate in the greenhouse.

2. Human factors: the amount of insects is too fast or too slow so that mealworms pile up on the conveyor belt.

Suggestion: evenly adjust the pest amount

3. Group potential factors: the group potential of yellow mealworm of different farmers is different, the group potential is strong and the selection is clean, otherwise the selection is poor (similar to the situation of different temperatures).

Suggestion: adjust the screen plate at the bottom of the upper and lower conveyor belt.

Technical parameters of the mealworm separator machine




220v/50hz ( can customize)


1.1kw + 0.75kw+ 0.25kw

Sieve dung


Separate big/small worm


Select pupae/dead worm


Net weight


Machine Size


electric mealworm sorting machine details


1. Q: Can we visit your fish meal processing machine factory?

A: Yes, of course. We will be very happy to show you around our factory and test the machine you want, besides, we are also glad to fetch you from the airport for free.

2. Q: How do I know about the details and quality of your machine?

A: First, we have product brochures covering all details including parameters, raw materials, output, etc. of most of our production lines; secondly, we can provide you with videos filmed on-site with details about the working process and how mechanical parts work during operation; at last, you are warmly welcomed for on-site inspection at our factories.

3. Q: Can the screening mesh be replaced by myself?

A: Yes, of course. The mealworm screening mesh can be changed with the new one when it is worn out, and the changing is very easy for you. We can also provide you the detailed manual for guiding your work.

Our company

Shuliy machinery is a professional manufacturer and supplier for all kinds of fish meal processing machines and a series of supporting equipment. Our main fish meal machines include the onboard fish meal plant, fish crusher, fish cooker, cooked fish squeezing machine, fish meal dryer and screening machine and fishmeal packaging machine. Besides, all kinds of fish meal production lines with different processing capacities are also available in our factories, such as 1-5t/d fish meal plant, 5-10t/d fish meal plant and over 10t/d fish meal production line. As the professional fish meal machine manufacturer, we can also provide the supporting equipment like spray tower, mealworm separator machine, screw conveyor and so on.

Our machines have been sold to more than 30 countries such as southeast Asia, Africa, the middle east and north America. Our business principle is to develop mutual benefits and establish long term relationships with our customers. We will provide high-quality products, prompt delivery and competitive price to our customers. We sincerely welcome the old and new customers to visit our company and negotiate business with us.

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