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Chalk Making Machine

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This Chalk making machine is a new type of practical chalk-producing appliance. It improved the old one's many disadvantages . Such as : Inefficient . High labor intensity. Material-wasting . Rough appearance . Low quality. Low rate of high quality products. And so on. All these disadvantages had hindered the development of the productive forces, and the improvement of product qualities .So ,aimed at all these problems, our factory , after our engineers so many years' research and experiments, has developed the new types of Chalk making machine .That is the series of SL800. This series includes: SL800-1. SL800-2. SL800-4. SL800-6. SL800-8 and so on.


This Chalk making machine is in assembly line method. Such as : it is Supplying water automatically, Electric beating . Grouting . Coming out. It has changed the manual operations into electric clutch with water cycling. Greatly decreased workers' labor intensity , improved many times of efficiency, decreased 30% the use of materials, product rate increased from 50% to 99%. And the quality was greatly improved .


The newly-produced chalk is smooth and nice-looking. It's the replacing of chalk-producing appliances . This Chalk making machine suits to single-phase. It will seize 15m2 of your factory building. One pattern can contain 800 pieces of chalk, with a push-out tool, let them all out the same time. Chalk types have the round ones ,the square ones, the hexagon ones, and so on. And it's standards ,such as length ,thickness, can be ordered according to the needs of customers.


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