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Wall Plastering Machine

Wall Plastering Machine
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The automatic plastering machine is the new-designed wall painting equipment, which can replace the labor plastering for walls and can reduce a lot of time-cost. This plastering machine can brush the sand, cement, lime powder, and other mixed building materials to the walls automatically and efficiently.

Why choose the wall plastering machine?

Wall plastering is an indispensable process in building construction. Plastering can protect the main body of the building and increase the aesthetics of the wall. Our common wall plastering methods are all artificially applied. Workers not only need to evenly spread materials such as cement and sand on the wall, but also continue to apply and compact the cement and other materials. The efficiency of artificial wall cleaning is low, labor intensity is high, and work safety is not guaranteed.

semi-automatic plastering machine

What is the electric plastering machine?

A wall plastering machine is a machine that automatically brushes the walls with sands or cement. The wall painting machine is the important equipment that is highly practical in the field of construction machinery. In the construction of plastering wall ash, the process of punching, drawing, etc. can be omitted, saving labor and time. The machine is easy to move, simple to operate, and the quality of the project is guaranteed. Even workers without any wall experience and technology can easily use it.

Main structure of the automatic plastering machine

The automatic wall plastering machine mainly has two types: the semi-automatic type and the full-automatic type. The semi-automatic type of plastering machine adopts the manual stepping method when using. And the full-automatic type of plastering machine can work just with the electric controlling. The wall plastering machine is composed of the main body, feeding hopper, aluminum alloy pole, electric control box, chassis, and universal wheels. The plastering height and width can be adjusted according to users’ actual requirements.

electric wall painting machine

How to use the automatic plastering machine?

1. Move the machine to the corner of the wall and ensure that the seam limit on the Tianliang beam must be about 2cm away from the right wall. Pull the machine mast up and remove the crimped air spring hook.

2. Lock the hydraulic handle and click the up button to make the sky beam one centimeter away from the ceiling. One person holds the square tube and sticks it to the middle point. One person holds the branch and is placed between the pole and the square tube.

3. Push the machine pole firmly to ensure that the bottom plate of the chassis is close to the bottom square tube and the pole is close to the hand-held branch and then press the hydraulic pedal until it is pressed.

4. Remove the middle square tube and the branch and add mortar to the wiper and ash bucket until it is full.

5. Connect the power supply and click the green start button. The machine will automatically rise and vibrate. Depending on the amount of ash required for the thickness of the wall, an appropriate amount of cement should be added during the ascent of the machine. You can press or hold the red pause button during the rise of the pole. After adding the material, press the green start button to continue the machine. After the pole is up to the top, the lift motor stops working and the vibration motor continues to vibrate. The machine automatically descends within 2-6 seconds and automatically stops when it reaches the ground.

wall plastering effect

How to clean this plastering machine?

1. When the machine is finished, the machine must be cleaned in half an hour, except for the electric control box, other parts can be directly flushed with the high-pressure water gun. Cleaning must be clean and thorough.

2. Open the left and right side doors of the machine and add lubricant to all moving parts.

3. The hydraulic oil in the hydraulic pump should be replaced once within the first two months of use and replaced once in the next year.

4. Regularly check the wear of nylon and nylon sleeves, and replace them if damaged.


  1. Q: What is your business model? Trading company or manufacturer?

A: We are an experienced manufacturer and exporter for more than 10 years. All our machines are manufactured by ourselves with factory direct sales, product quality and after-sales service can be guaranteed. We own a technical team comprised of over-average experts in innovation. Notably, we own high-level factories and cooperating factories who can offer efficient manufacturing and high-end products when dealing with a bulk order.

2.Q: Can this machine be designed with movable wheels?

A: Yes. If you need the movable type of wood chipper, we can also customize it for you. Actually, the disc type of wood chipper can be designed with the wheels for easy moving in the forest and mountains. And the drum type wood chipper is big and heavy for wood chips production in the flat place with fixed feet.

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