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Egg Sorting Machine

Egg Sorting Machine
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The egg sorting machine also can be called the egg grading machine and egg grader, which is the important egg sorting and weighing equipment in the egg processing industry. This automatic egg sorting machine can not only examine out the good egg and the embryo egg with the light inspection device but also can grade the eggs into several levels according to their size and weight. This electric egg grading machine has the advantages of reliable performance, easy operation, and high efficiency.

Egg Sorting Machine

Where can this egg sorting machine be used?

The egg grading machine is a new product independently developed on the basis of the introduction of foreign technology and has obtained the national patent authorization. After the operator places the egg on the conveyor line of the classifier, the sorting device can be automatically distributed to different collection baskets according to the weight and size of the egg.

Although eggs are easy to break, like duck eggs, goose eggs, quail eggs and so on, they can be sorted efficiently without any breakage. Therefore, this egg sorting machine is widely used in all kinds of the egg processing plant with small, medium and large scale.

commercial egg grading machine

How does the egg grading machine work?

The egg sorting machine is made of stainless steel sheet and corrosion-resistant material. All frames and metal parts of the machine are made of stainless steel, and the chains, gears, and bearings are corrosion resistant. This way you can completely clean the machine without worrying about the threat of corrosion. A carefully selected egg tray structure made of special materials suitable for egg processing minimizes the possibility of microbial growth due to the accumulation of dust.

When using this cost-saving egg grading machine, we should lay the eggs on the egg trays one by one on the transporting conveyor manually. Then these eggs will pass the light inspection device of the conveyor for picking out the broken eggs and embryo eggs.

eggs for grading

Then these eggs will lay down on the special sprocket structure for grading eggs into 5 to 7 grades based on the egg weight and size. After sorting, the eggs with the same weight and size will fall down into the same collecting basket, and the workers should collect these sorted eggs into the containers.

Main features of the automatic egg sorting machine

1. The egg grading machine can be divided into 5 to 7 grades with fast speed. And we can also customize this machine according to your actual requirements.

2. With the advantages of a wide range of applications and reliable performance, this egg processing machine is widely used for all types of chicken farms and egg processing plants.

3. It is made of stainless steel which is very durable and corrosion-resistant. And it is easy to operate and maintain, cost-saving and time-saving.

eggs after sorting

Technical parameters of the egg grading machine





Working capacity (pcs/h)




Grading level




Power (kw)




Dimension (mm)

1120 * 1320 * 980

1300 * 1320 * 980

1600 * 1820 * 1050

Egg Sorting Machine


1. Q: Can we visit your fish meal processing machine factory?

A: Yes, of course. We will be very happy to show you around our factory and test the machine you want, besides, we are also glad to fetch you from the airport for free.

2. Q: How do I know about the details and quality of your machine?

A: First, we have product brochures covering all details including parameters, raw materials, output, etc. of most of our production lines; secondly, we can provide you with videos filmed on-site with details about the working process and how mechanical parts work during operation; at last, you are warmly welcomed for on-site inspection at our factories.

3. Q: Can the screening mesh be replaced by myself?

A: Yes, of course. The mealworm screening mesh can be changed with the new one when it is worn out, and the changing is very easy for you. We can also provide you the detailed manual for guiding your work.

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