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Working Performance And Advantages Of Sawdust Briquette Machine

Jun 14, 2018

  The mechanism charcoal making machine from Shuliy Machinery adopts the national standard steel and the spare parts are imported which can guarantee the charcoal quality and achieve the one hundred percent coal production.

  Shuliy machinery is the professional charcoal production factory and has established almost thirty years. We have professional production experience and perfect technology, sales, after-sales department. Our company has repeatedly honored as a high quality and trustworthy company.

sawdust briquetting machine.jpg

  Let us introduce the advantages of sawdust briquette machine for you:

  1. Low consumption, high yield, durability, and less operator.

  2. It is equipped with clutch device and double barrel, it can work with other equipment, and also can work alone.

  3. The production rod density has been significantly increased, which provides a high-density salary guarantee for high and medium temperature carbon production.

  4. Electrical part adopts pressure reduction start system, which can improve its safety, practicality and durability.