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Wood Pellet Machine Is Applied To Biomass Boiler

Jul 24, 2018

  Currently, the price of non-renewable energy such as oil, natural gas and coal in China will increase as the reserves of these non-renewable energy sources decrease. The wood pellet machine is an ideal choice for biomass boilers.

  This will increase the capital investment of some large power plants. A large number of power plants have replaced biomass energy particles to replace these non-renewable resources. Now biomass energy accounts for 14% of the world's energy consumption, ranking fourth, and the proportion is still rising, through the market promotion in recent years. With the support of national policies, the demand for the biomass market will increase.

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  The wood pellet machine mainly uses waste materials such as corn stalks, straw stalks, and eucalyptus wood chips. These raw materials are easy to obtain and relatively inexpensive. The state invests a lot of manpower and material resources to control environmental protection every year to prevent large harvesting time. The area burns these fertilizers to seriously pollute the environment. In addition to the propaganda efforts in recent years, farmers have increased their environmental awareness while not burning these straws at will, but turning waste into treasure, so it is not very big to obtain raw materials.

  The wood pellet machine is made of low cost, high calorific value and environmentally friendly than coal. It is an ideal choice for biomass boilers. All this is attributed to the wood pellet machine, thanks to the environmental awareness of people.