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When The Sawdust Briquette Machine Needs Maintenance Work

Jul 02, 2018

After using a period, we should pay attention to the work situation of the biomass briquette making machine. If there is any problem as below, you should take maintenance work to your machine.


  1. The working efficiency of the coal rod machine has dropped significantly;

  2. The defective rate of the coal bars increased significantly;

  3. The rods are made faster, but the structure is loose and the density is too low;

  4. The wear of the front end of the coal rod machine is greater than 4mm;

  5. The inner diameter of the prepared coal rod is less than 10 mm;

  6. Falling into hard materials such as stones and iron nails causes severe wear on the spiral part of the coal rod machine;

  7. The raw materials are normal, and the head of the coal rod machine often jams and cannot be produced normally;

  8. Although the coal rods can be formed, they cannot be joined together because they are detached from one section;

  9. An abnormal sound occurs in the speed reducer and the rotating part, which is required to be filled with lubricating oil;

  10. After the coal rod machine is used, it is necessary to clean the internal debris in the engine body so as to avoid blockage caused by excessive hardening;