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What Materials Can Not Be Processed With A Wood Crusher?

May 26, 2020

Commercial wood crushers are common equipment used by many wood processing plants. They are mainly used to shred various logs, branches, old wooden boards, wooden boxes, etc. into wood chips and sawdust. However, when using a wood crusher, users should be aware that some materials cannot be shredded with the wood crushing machine.

Composition of wood crushers

The popular wood crusher on the market has the characteristics of compact structure, smooth operation, high power efficiency, and long service life. The wood crusher shredder can be driven by motor and diesel engine. Its main structure includes a frame, a base, a pulley, a material inlet, a material outlet, a cutter disk, a screen, a hammer, etc.

applications of the wood crusher

What are the characteristics of materials that cannot be processed with a wood crusher?

1. Very lightweight materials. We have had users who have crushed chicken feathers before. For chicken hair or other animal hair, our factory can clearly tell you that the wood crusher machine cannot be processed. This is because the weight of the material is too light. When this material enters the crushing chamber of the machine, it may come out directly from the discharge port before the crushing is completed. The material is too light, and when it is processed with a wood grinder, it will continue to rotate with the internal rotating airflow, which is difficult to be cut by the machine's knife disk.

wood crushers with different specifications

2. Materials with high humidity. Such as reed material, the water content is relatively large. The water content of the materials that can be crushed by the wood crusher equipment cannot exceed 15%. Because the material with relatively large moisture will have adhesion after crushing, it is easy to have residues at various parts of the equipment, resulting in a reduction in the crushing efficiency and output of the material.

3. Wood with metal. The demolition of waste wood often has metal nails, this kind of material is not suitable for crushing with a wood crusher. Because the wood with nails will directly damage the blade and screen after entering the crushing room of the wood crusher. Therefore, wood shredder equipment is not suitable for shredding wood with metal.