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Use Mosquito Coil Correctly

Jul 06, 2018

It is very important to use mosquito coil in right way.

At first, when using mosquito coil, you should look the instruction manual and safety tips of the mosquito coil. Generally, there are some cautious you should pay attention to.

The use of mosquito coils by the elderly, pregnant mothers, children and other weaker people should be stable. For example, infants and young children should use mosquito nets to repel mosquitoes. Smoked incense sticks are prohibited for pregnant mothers. People with colds, respiratory and respiratory diseases should not. The key mosquito coils and mosquito-repellent smog are irritating to the respiratory tract and can aggravate the condition.


The normal population should also avoid mosquito coils for long periods of time. It is best to use smokeless mosquito coils in the room so that irritation and toxicity can be minimized.

In terms of time and space, mosquito coils should be used before the peak of mosquitoes. The best time is around 19 pm; a room under 15 square meters can be used with a mosquito coil.

Mosquito ash should be caught by things and sorted out in time. The mosquito ash contains substances harmful to the human body. Once the mosquito ash floats into the air, it will be inhaled and damage the respiratory tract and lungs.

There are large differences in the composition of various mosquito coils. The toxic and harmful substances produced by incineration of each type of ingredients are not the same. Do not use the same type of mosquito coils for a long time, and use them with brand types to reduce the side effects of mosquito coils on the human body.