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The Working Principle Of Pomegranate Peeling Machine

Jan 24, 2018

Its working principle is that the pomegranate from the feed hopper into the crushing device, after the relative extrusion of the crushing roller and the pressure of the blade on the roller, the whole pomegranate is cut into several small pieces; the crushing roller of the crushing device is made of stainless steel, and the gap between the two rollers can be transferred to 20-30mm (large distance adjustment). Second crushing (precision crushing), lower crushing roller for non-toxic high elasticity rubber manufacturing (food grade), the damage of pomegranate peel seed is smaller, the gap between two rollers can be adjusted 10-20mm; After two stages of crushing, the pomegranate, which has been separated by the basic peel seed, falls into a separating device (separating shaft and a sieve combination) with variable frequency speed regulation. Fourth-generation pomegranate peeling machine moderately lengthened, in the separation shaft and separation device rotation, pomegranate seeds and some of the juice from the sieve hole leakage, through the discharge mouth into the screw conveying; pomegranate peel from the tail of the equipment.