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The Use Of Charcoal Briquette Making Machine

Jun 19, 2018

  Charcoal briquette making machine is one of the host equipment for Ammonia Fertilizer Plant and Gas Plant Gasification System. It is the machine which can extrude pulverized coal fuel into round (or hexagonal or square) rods of a certain strength. Charcoal briquette making machine is a machine uses double helix press the coal rod. It makes the pulverized coal with 16% water to mix evenly and then send them into screw to press to coal rod. This machine has features of simple structure and high working efficiency.


  The advantages of charcoal briquette making machine:

  1. In the discharging port, there are wear sleeve and coal rod mold in the inner wall and the rod mold is blocked by the nut at the outlet end.

  2. The pitch of the spiral blade of the screw shaft gradually decreases from right to left.

  3. The inner wall of the wear protection sleeve of the coal rod barrel is provided with a plurality of wear prevention grooves, and the end of the wear prevention groove on the material discharge opening is blocked.

  4. The center of the coal rod mold has a convex guide.

  5. The friction surface of the wearer sleeve and the screw shaft blade of the coal rod machine are sprayed with hard alloy powder.