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The Significance Of Environmental Protection Biomass Pellet Machine

Jul 20, 2018

  Recently, the manufacturer for producing biomass pellet machine is increased due to its unique advantages, so the development future in the market is good. The growth of the biomass pellet machine industry has also stimulated the increase of consumers, and the sales of biomass pellet machines are also increasing. In the international market, the use and development of biomass pellet machines is much earlier. In the Chinese market, it appears as a new type of product. The pellet machine processed by Shuliy not only has good environmental protection significance and energy saving significance, but also has many economic benefits, so it will be promoted in the market.

biomass pellet machine

  The birth of the biomass pellet machine solves the problem of environmental pollution for a long time. The pellet fuel production equipment is a new type of environmental protection equipment, mainly the straw, rice husk, weed, fallen leaves, residual branches, bark, the waste such as bean stick and peanut meal is processed into high-density biomass pellet fuel. The formed fuel has the advantages of resistance to combustion, high hot spot, large specific gravity, small volume, convenient storage and transportation, and can replace firewood. Raw coal, fuel oil, liquefied gas, widely used in civil heating, daily cooking, large industrial boiler plants, biomass power plants, etc., successfully replaced the use of coal, while the biomass pellet fuel does not produce harmful during combustion. Gas, zero pollution, and environmental protection are in line with China's policy of protecting the environment.