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The Requirement For Raw Material Of Charcoal Briquette Press Machine

Jul 05, 2018

  1. Material granularity

  No matter using which kind of raw material, it should be crushed by crusher and the diameter should less than 5mm. Because the smaller granular material is easy to form and has a high output.

  2. Water content of pulverized coal

  Water content of pulverized coal is independent of the type of the coal rod machine, and all are added by 12-14%. The large pulverized coal is easy to get into the barrel of the coal rod machine, causing the phenomenon of clogging the machine head, while the pulverized coal with less water is not easy to form, and the produced coal rod is dry, which has great effect on the coal rod machine.

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  3. Material preparation process

  Operate the machine strictly. The material should add water and binder after crushing. Then you can mix them.

  4. The finished charcoal road

  The new coal rod is 2 meters high and free to fall, 75% is not broken. Such coal rod is hard and is called a reasonable coal rod. The shape of coal rods is divided into four types, which can be changed by mold selection. There are four types: hexagonal hollow mold, plum mold, hexagonal single hole mold, single hole plum mold, length can also be adjusted according to your own preferences, the longest The coal rod can reach 10 meters.