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The Chemical Changes In Black Garlic Fermentation Equipment

Aug 10, 2020

In fact, the production process of black garlic is not complicated. The key step is a series of biological reactions that take place in the high temperature and humidity chamber of the black garlic fermentation machine. So, what chemical reaction occurs in the black garlic fermentation machine when making black garlic?

Can black garlic only be made with a black garlic machine?

Black garlic can only be fermented with a black garlic fermentation machine. Because black garlic fermentation is carried out in high temperature and high humidity environment, this condition can only be produced by adjusting the black garlic machine.

black garlic

Black garlic is a kind of deep-processed garlic product made from fresh garlic in high temperature and high humidity environment. It was invented by Japanese KIM in 1997. After 10 years of improvement and perfection of this technology, the entire fermentation process takes about 60 to 90 days.

After black garlic undergoes a series of enzymatic and non-enzymatic browning reactions during the fermentation process, the white garlic will eventually turn black.

Chemical changes in black garlic machine for making black garlic

The chemical reaction of black garlic during fermentation is mainly enzymatic reaction and non-enzymatic browning. In the first stage of black garlic fermentation, the fermentation temperature in the black garlic machine is 45~60°C. A suitable environment accelerates the reaction of various biological enzymes.

black garlic machine

The enzymes contained in garlic can hydrolyze the protein in garlic into amino acids. . Then in the next stage, the fermentation temperature in the black garlic machine is 70~90°C, and the amino compounds and carbonyl compounds in the garlic react, that is, the Mallard reaction, also known as the carbonyl ammonia reaction, and the aldehyde condensation and polymerize to form pigments.

In the third stage, the fermentation temperature is 55~65°C. At the end of the enzymatic reaction, the color of garlic becomes darker and darker. The garlic enters the maturation process, and the chemical reaction ends only.