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Straw Pellet Machine Is Beneficial To The Construction Of New Countryside

Jul 25, 2018

  For the construction of new countryside, environment is of importance. However, the most destructive environment in our rural situation are farmwork straw and yellowed leaves. With the development of technology, the appearance of straw pellet machine from Shuliy can process the yellowed leaves and farmwork straw which can use then better. Therefore, the emergence of straw granule machine can greatly help our new rural construction.

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  The development of straw pellet machine is conducive to the construction of new rural areas, whether it is for crop stalks that are burned to pollute the environment or feed problems for the feeding of our poultry animals, and the resources are sustainable. The use of social construction that is conducive to economic and environmental protection has made great contributions to China.

  China’s promotion of environmental protection and the concept of recycling of resources have emerged in the production of straw granules for modern agriculture. The components of the straw pellet machine are very simple: the first is the conveyor that transports the material, and then the pellet machine that directly crushes the material and directly produces it. According to the wet and dry conditions of the pellet, we will decide whether to equip the dryer. The composition of some equipment can form a complete line of pellet production equipment