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Site Planning For Environmentally Friendly Charcoal Briquette Machine Production Line

Jul 03, 2018

  Charcoal briquette making machine is composed of crush equipment, mixing machine, conveying machine and charcoal briquette making machine. The coal rod machine production line is an organic whole. It not only requires excellent performance of each equipment during operation, but also must have skilled operation skills for each operator. Only in this way can the production cost be significantly reduced and the company can increase profits.

sawdust briquette charcoal making machine

  1. Capacity planning

  The purpose of the coal rod machine production line is to achieve a significant increase in automation and capacity to meet the production needs of coal rods and create more revenue. However, it is appropriate to build a coal rod production line with a large capacity. This requires enterprises to grasp and make reasonable plans according to market conditions.

  2. Equipment source planning

  A complete charcoal briquette making production line is composed of many equipment, therefore, when the coal rod production line is built, are these equipment purchased from different manufacturers and then installed, or are they purchased one by one? When constructing, it is necessary to plan the most reasonable plan for the source of the equipment according to cost control and specific production and use.

  3. Production staffing planning

  The production personnel are the implementers of the production line. From the raw coal crushing to the coal rod forming and packing, a series of links need to be completed by different production personnel. Therefore, how many production personnel, specific job divisions, and the level of personnel required for each position are required. Make clear plans when building coal rod production lines.