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Shuliy Mosquito Coil Making Machine History Introduction

Jun 22, 2018

  Shuliy Machinery has long been engaged in the research, production and sales of mosquito coil making industry. Our company has equipment factory, mosquito coil production factory and training department which have rich technical power. In order to meet the market demand, we have developed many types of mosquito coil making equipment and technology which finish the handmade history of mosquito coil production at home and abroad. The mosquito coil making machine has laid the foundation for the mosquito coil production of mechanized and standardized. At the same time, the working efficiency is increase many times, the quality is improved and the cost is decreased 10%.


  Shuliy Machinery mosquito coil making machine has features of compact structure, reasonable design, small volume, small noise, no pollution, low power consumption, easy to operate and easy to maintain spare parts. Other wise, the thickness, length the actual situation of mosquito coil produced by this machine can be adjusted.

  Shuliy Machinery mosquito making machine can produce various specifications coil, such as: hygienic mosquito coils, bud mosquito coils, bamboo stick mosquito coils stick, mosquito coils stick, row mosquito coils, etc. It is the new and widely used mosquito coil making equipment and it can produce 150-300 kg per day.