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Shuliy Coal Cod Machine Will Improve Working Efficiency

Jun 19, 2018

  Coal rod machine is also called coal rod extruder, it mainly consists of base, bearing seat, screw shaft, cylinder, discharge port and coal rod mold.

  Coal cod machine uses the principle of spiral extrusion, it can compress the prepared pulverized into a predetermined shape of the bar which is widely used in pulverized coal, coal foam, coal gangue, coking coal, lignite, anthracite, iron powder, aluminum powder and other raw materials.


  By using the coal cod machine can make full use of pulverized coal to produce coal rods. During the production of coal cods, it does not need lime which not only can reduce the cost of fuel, but also can increase the calorific value of coal. It also has features of higher economic benefit, no need carbonization drying equipment, no steam, save investment and less floor space.

  At the same time, the coal rod machine can help the factory and company to use the cheap pulverized coal which instead of the high price coal. By using this method, it can reduce the production costs, increase economic efficiency and provide reliable protection.