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Shuliy Briquette Making Machine Superior Advantages

Jun 14, 2018

  Sawdust briquette charcoal making machine is the most technical equipment of the charcoal machine equipment series in the market and it is the most important equipment in the charcoal production line.

  In recent years, in the charcoal briquette making production field, Shuliy charcoal making machine has made new breakthroughs. Currently, our company has recommend four models: new environmentally friendly wood sawdust briquette machine, coal dual briquette making machine, high working efficiency briquette making machine and gear transmission briquette making machine.


  New environmentally friendly briquette making machine adopts oil-immersed alloy structure, the propelling shafts, molding cylinders and other key components use special wear-resistant material which has features of precision and durable.

  New type briquette making machine has features of high productivity, low consumption, compact structure and durable. The final product’s diameter of this machine is in 40-80cm which provides guarantee for high quality charcoal.