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What Should I Pay Attention To When Using Saline Injection Machine?

Jun 22, 2020

The saline injection machine is to inject saltwater and other condiments into the meat to achieve the full pickling effect. The meat pieces injected into the prepared aqueous solution can tenderize and soften the meat quality and can improve the quality and taste of meat products.

Correct use of saline injection machines can provide work efficiency, so, what do we need to pay attention to when using a saline injection machine?

Saline injection machine workflow

When the equipment is working, the meat block can be moved forward by the conveyor belt. When the injection needle on the machine moves down to the midpoint, the conveyor belt stops moving and the platen will press the meat. Then, the injection needle pierces the meat block and continuously fills the water until the set time is reached and the injection is automatically stopped. When the injection needle returns to the midpoint of the stroke, the meat supply conveyor belt starts to move forward, driving the meat pieces to move.

saline injection machines

Saline injection machine maintenance

1. Check whether all parts are normal before starting.

2. Lubricate the lubricating parts of the saltwater injection machine in time according to the regulations.

3. The machine must be washed with warm water after each shift. Turn on the water pump and rinse the needle and needle with full pressure for 15-20 minutes.

4. After each shift, clean the filter screen of the machine according to the injection situation.

5. The power must be cut off after work.

small saline injector

Points to note when using a saline injection machine

1. First, pour the adjusted juice into the feed car through the filter screen. Then push the trolley into the belly of the fuselage to connect the water inlet pipe of the water pump. Then turn on the power.

2. Next, check whether the machine is operating normally. Normal operation means that when the conveyor belt moves forward, the injection needle will go down.

3. The injection can be done after the machine is running normally. (Turn on the slow start before the injection, and then start the pump to start) Check to see if the pump supply is normal.

4. Put the meat on the conveyor belt and arrange it evenly. Be careful not to put the meat in the gaps on both sides of the chain, so as not to block the sprocket and affect its use.