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Safety Maintenance Of Vegetable Cutting Machine

Jan 24, 2018

1. Before the operation of the equipment placed on the level of the ground to ensure smooth and reliable machine placement, to determine the equipment plug contact good, no loose, no water trace;

2. Check whether there is any foreign matter in the rotating material cylinder or conveyor belt, if the foreign body must be cleaned up, so as not to cause tool damage;

3. Operation, adjustment according to the required processing of the choice of cutting mode of dishes, from the machine for melon yam hard vegetables slices, vertical knife part can be the leaves of soft vegetables or sliced pieces into different specifications of the block, Ding, rhombic and other shapes;

4. Installation of vertical knife, the first rotation can be adjusted eccentric wheel, so that the knife line to the bottom dead, and then lift the knife up 1-2 mm, so that the vertical knife and the conveyor belt contact, fastening the nut to fasten the vertical knife on the turret. If the turret lift height is small, vegetables may even knife, if the turret lift height too large, it is possible to cut bad conveyor belt.