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Reasons For Heating With Wood Powder Machine

Jan 24, 2018

1. water-cooled wood powder machine, mainly requires the use of clean, circulating water, is not static, or life has been used water.

2. Wood Powder Machine Dual room is clean. Every time after processing production or in the process of production, to check the double room water cooled wood powder machine tank inside is clean, regular removal of wood powder machine tank inside the dirt, etc. for the host temperature decompression.

3. Wood powder machine Cooling water circulation. Water-cooled wood powder machine, the use of water-cooled, mainly because of the specific heat capacity, heating needs of the temperature will be longer, time will be a bit longer, but the wood powder machine in the production work, want to achieve water-cooled effect, it must be to make the cooling water flow, so that the flow of water, there is temperature of the water when the cycle of temperature reduction, Host heat will be resolved.