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Popcorn Machine Precautions

Jan 24, 2018

By the relevant departments to detect investigations, popcorn production per kilogram of popcorn produced in 2.45~20 mg, while the State stipulates that the amount of lead in the pastry should not exceed 0.5 mg/kg, popcorn containing more than the general food hygiene standards more than a few times or even dozens of times times, will seriously endanger the human liver, kidney and brain tissue, In particular, children's detoxification of lead is weak, often eat popcorn with high lead content prone to lead poisoning, resulting in loss of appetite, diarrhea, irritability, gum purple and slow growth and development phenomenon.

With the development of science, the improvement of health awareness, this high content of lead popcorn machine has been unable to foothold in the market, slowly by the society, but the huge profits of this popcorn is not eliminated, people on the taste of popcorn can not be put down.