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Operation Details For The Straw Briquette Machine Operator

Aug 06, 2018

  1. Check the motor wiring head before starting the machine, check whether the wires and power supply are normal, and do an idling test.

  2. Care must be taken during operation to prevent the machine head from being blocked. If the raw material is blocked by the machine head, the machine head must be unloaded for cleaning and assembly.

  3. The amount of feed should be used to control the current of the coal rod machine to ensure the quality of the coal rod produced.

straw briquette machine

4. To avoid pulverized coal shortage and idling, the straw briquette machine has a large electric power. The pulverized coal shortage and idling phenomenon are the two main sources of power waste. Take the 75-row coal rod machine as an example. Generally, the motor power used is 75kW, 1min. It consumes 1.25kw of electricity, and this kind of electricity can be used to produce 83 kg coal rods by coal rod machine. Therefore, when using coal rod machine, it must avoid the waste caused by insufficient coal powder and idling. In addition, due to feeding or mechanical failures and other reasons, the stopping time is long, it is best to stop the straw briquette machine.

  5. Avoid the incorporation of metal and hard materials into the coal powder. The coal rod machine is very sensitive to metal and hard materials. Once the metal and hard materials are mixed into the coal powder in the production process, the light can block the head of the machine and increase the current. Not only damages the bearings and gearbox, but also burns the motor.

  6. The working environment of the coal bar machine should not be too dusty. After the motor and power distribution cabinet are used for a period of time, the accumulated dust should be removed.