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Investigation On Current Situation Of Chinese Agricultural Machinery Enterprises

Jan 24, 2018

Recently, in order to master the basic situation and existing problems of China's agricultural machinery industry foreign-funded enterprises, concern, research and support the development of foreign agricultural machinery enterprise, in order to develop a professional service platform for foreign-funded enterprises to provide better personalized service, the Chinese Agricultural Machinery Association decided to the agricultural machinery industry foreign enterprises to investigate

As an important part of China's agricultural machinery industry, foreign-invested enterprises in China's agricultural machinery industry not only bring advanced technology, high-end products, business operation mode and management experience, but also promote the technological progress, industrial upgrading and structural adjustment of agricultural machinery industry in our country, according to the statistics of agricultural mechanization and agricultural machinery in China National wholly foreign-owned, holding agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises have 159 (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Holding Enterprises 40), the number of foreign-owned enterprises accounted for 8.68% of the national scale enterprise, foreign-funded enterprises accounted for more than 11.5% of the gross national product.