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Improve The Quality Of Biomass Briquette Machine

Jun 25, 2018

  In recent years, we have new breakthroughs in the production of charcoal rods. Currently, we have recommend practical functional rod maker, coal-fired dual-use rod maker and high working efficiency briquette machine. They are the self developed products and adopt oil-immersed alloy structure. Propelling shafts, molding cylinders and other key components are made of special wear-resistant material formulations which have features of precision casting, and durability. Biomass briquette machine is characterized by high output, low consumption and compact structure. The diameter is around 40-80cm.


  The new type biomass briquette machine makes the Sawdust, shavings, wood waste, branches, rice husks, peanut hulls, bagasse, hops, cotton stalks, corn stalks, wheat straw, straw as the raw material. After carbonization technology, the ideal carbon powder can be obtained. By using this process to produce carbon powder has obvious advantages and completely overcome the disadvantages of large-scale investment in charcoal, high cost, and vulnerability of key components. In addition, the carbon product by using this method has features of stability, variety types and high quality.