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How To Purchase Charcoal Powder Ball Pressure Machine

Jul 18, 2018

Introduction of charcoal powder ball pressure machine:

Shuliy machinery charcoal powder ball pressure machine has features of advanced technology, reliable quality, multi-purpose machine, strong pressure, etc. This machine is suitable for Large, medium and small enterprises establish production lines with a certain production scale. Charcoal powder ball pressure machine is widely used for various forms of industrial gasification, boiler type, cold pressing type focus, ignition type coal, civil type coal, civil metallurgy, refractory materials, etc. The powerful ball press has been used and improved for many years. Compared with other similar products, the ball press has the advantages of high ball formation rate, low power consumption, compact structure and easy inspection and debugging.

charcoal powder ball pressure machine

Simple introduction for charcoal powder ball pressure machine:

This equipment is designed by shuliy with the special advantages is used in charcoal powder industry and mainly for fire and barbecue charcoal. This machine has the advantages of high pressure, high forming rate, high output and economical application, and the produced product has the characteristics of smokeless, non-toxic, no odor, environmental protection, convenient use, little fly ash, large heat and stable quality, and is suitable for use. For indoor or ventilated indoor barbecues, this product generates a lot of heat and is more than twice as long as traditional charcoal.