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How To Make Frozen French Fries

Aug 11, 2020

Fried french fries is a food made from potatoes, cut into strips and deep-fried. It is one of the most common fast food and snack foods and is popular all over the world. When food processing plants produce French fries in batches, they generally do not directly produce fried instant french fries but process frozen french fries.

Why food processing plants make frozen french fries?

Food processing plants or French fries factories generally process frozen French fries. Why? There are two main reasons: 1. The efficiency of processing frozen French fries is higher than that of fried French fries, and the output is larger. 

complete french fries line for shipping to Mexico

2. The demand for frozen French fries on the market is greater. Usually, many fast-food restaurants, chain stores, restaurants, and hotels buy semi-finished frozen French fries directly from the factory and sell them after frying and seasoning.

How to make frozen french fries?

To produce frozen French fries in a food processing plant, it is necessary to purchase a full set of frozen French fries production line, the output is between 100kg/h and 1000kg/h. 

The complete frozen french fries line mainly includes potato washing and peeling machine, potato cutting machine, blanching machine, dehydrating machine, frying machine, degreasing machine, and quick-freezing machine.

shop use frozen fries made by french fry processing lines

Potato washing and peeling

The potato cleaning and peeling machine has high working efficiency and can realize the functions of rapid cleaning and peeling. The peeling rate can be as high as 95%.

Potato cutting

This potato cutting machine can cut potatoes into strips and chips based on customers' needs. And the cutting thickness is adjustable.

Blanching and dewatering

After cutting, we should use a blanching machine to remove the excess starch of the potato strips and chips. And use the dewatering machine to remove the water droplets of potato strips.

Frying and deoiling

Then, use the continuous frying machine to fry the potato strips with a temperature of about 180℃. And after frying, use a deoiling machine to remove the reduce the oil content of the french fries.

Quick freezing

The last step is to use a quick freezer to freeze these french fries with the temperature of -5℃.