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How Much Does A Pellet Mill Machine Cost

Aug 21, 2020

With the rise of the aquaculture industry, automated machinery instead of artificial. The feed pellet machine comes into thousands of households and is a complete set of feed processing equipment. It has become the right-hand man in the feed processing plant. The complete set of feed pellet machine is composed of a feed mill machine, feed shredder, feed mixer, silo, spiral feeder, feed cooling equipment. The entire feed production line can be done automatically with the touch of a button. the machine has the advantages of time-saving, labor-saving, high-efficiency work, and also reduces costs for the user.


Nowadays, users prefer large-scale, high-efficiency, fully automated modern farming, so the use of feed pellet equipment has the following benefits:

1. The machine can improve work efficiency, reduce feeding costs, increase revenue for users.

2. The feed produce by the machine can ensure that animal nutrition is comprehensive, and feeding grain feed can increase the amount of animal food, avoid animal picky. Also, it is conducive to digestion and absorption and shortens the growth cycle.

3. The machine can not only suppress cattle and sheep feed particles but also process pig, chicken, duck, goose, aquatic fish feed particles. It is a multi-functional feed particle machine equipment.

4. The feeds is easy to transport, facilitate storage, and it can be stored for half a year.

How Much a Complete Set of Feed Particle Machines Cost?

First, you need to determine what feed to produce, and then need to be based on the selection of companion equipment, model, and other factors to determine. According to the above set of configuration prices about three thousand to eight thousand dollars, of course, users can also according to their own needs to match the combination, for example, feed particle machine and spiral feeder, feed shredder and feed particle machine.

we also supply fish feed pellet machine, cattle feed making machine, animal feed pellet machine, etc.

Just tell me your needs, we will customize the machine for you.