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Easy Wear Part Change Standard For New Sawdust Briquette Machine

Jul 14, 2018

When the easy wear parts need to be replaced of the sawdust briquette  charcoal making machine? Here, Shuliy machinery will introduce the notes for you:


1. The torsion deformation of the ring gear rim should not exceed 7.5mm.

2. The wear of the pinion surface should not exceed 30% of the tooth thickness. The wear of the large tooth surface is greater than 25% of the tooth thickness. It can be used on the reverse side and should be scrapped when it is 1/2.

3. The outer surface of the hollow shaft is filled with grooves, marks or local wear on the inner circular surface to cause deformation of the hollow shaft, and the crack should be replaced.

The three points above are the common situations, if you want your machine can work normally, not only pay more attention to the usual maintenance, but also the working principle. Then, in case we have some damage in the production of sawdust briquette charcoal making machine, what do we take to remedy it? In our daily use of sawdust briquette machine, there are usually some undesirable phenomena. The sawdust briquette machine is in a state of continuous operation for a long time, combined with the internal and external factors such as poor maintenance, resulting in premature failure of many components. For enterprises that rely heavily on external components to complete parts manufacturing, the existence of damaged parts during the warranty period is an inevitable phenomenon in the development process of the enterprise. We can solve it according to our daily experience.