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Digging Lotus Root Machine Related Knowledge

Jan 24, 2018

By the original motive, high-pressure centrifugal pump, intake pipe, high-pressure large water pipe, pipe joint, high-pressure small water pipe, nozzle composition, the inlet pipe installation fixed in the water inlet of the pump, high-pressure size pipe (professional name " The ",60 is fixed to the water outlet of the pump, and the 25 is installed. High-pressure pipe through the joint and high pressure small water pipe connection, made of metal pipe nozzle into the other end of the high-pressure small water pipe, high-pressure large pipe, high-pressure small water pipe, the internal diameter of the sprinkler heads are 50-70mm, 20-30mm, 8-12mm, The length of high-pressure small water pipe is 1-3m, the utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, reliable performance, good quality of digging lotus root, small labor intensity, high efficiency, no damage to Lotus root, widely used for fertilizing and applying medicine in digging lotus root and Lotus root field, and can also be used for ploughing Paddy.