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Difference Between Hollow And Ordinary Briquette Making Machine

Aug 07, 2018
  1. The hollow briquette making machine uses the principle of spiral extrusion to compress the prepared coal powder into a cylindrical or plum shape coal rod with a certain strength, which is used to replace the expensive lump coal, which can fully utilize the coal powder and reduce the fuel cost.

charcoal making machine

  2. The hollow briquette making machine adopts a variable pitch impeller to push the pulverized coal at the back of the cylinder forward strongly. After the volume of the pulverized coal is compressed in the barrel, it is extruded through the round hole of the front head to form a coal rod and a round hole. There are many shapes, and the shape of the coal rod is also various. The coal rod is naturally broken by gravity during the advancement process.

  3. The hard-tooth surface reducer is adopted, which has small volume and high carrying capacity. The inner impeller adopts thickened blade design, and the impeller and the inner liner of the cylinder are made of wear-resistant precision casting materials, and the service life is 5-6 times higher than that of ordinary materials. The head coal rod outlet is made of replaceable wear-resistant alloy steel, which is easy to replace. The head and the barrel are spliced and can be opened during maintenance. It is convenient to replace the internal impeller and the cylinder liner.