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Commercial Screw Oil Press Machine Working Principle

Jul 14, 2020

The commercial oil press machine mainly squeezes oil through the heat generated by the screw rotation on the spindle to extrude the raw materials. The commercial oil press machine is equipped with a vacuum oil filter, which filters the oil immediately after pressing the oil. It makes sure that extracted oil is purer and the efficiency of the oil extraction is greatly improved. For the same screw oil press machine, hot pressing and cold pressing method can be used for different raw materials.

commercial screw oil press machine

The working principle of commercial oil press machine

The power motor of the commercial screw oil press machine drives the screw on the main shaft to rotate. The material between the screws is continuously pushed forward. As the space between the press chamber and the screw is gradually reduced, the oil density and the pressure increases gradually. Friction occurs between the material and the parts of the oil press, generating heat and destroying the tissue cells of the material, causing the oil in the material to overflow from the oil line. After the oil is squeezed out of the material, the remaining part of the material forms an oil cake. The oil cake is squeezed out from the mouth of the cake.

When the spilled oil flows into the oil filter unit through the oil pan, the vacuum pump draws out the air in the oil filter cartridge. It will form negative pressure in the oil filter cartridge, the oil passes through the filter cloth and is sucked into the barrel to filter. The residual oil is isolated on the filter cloth. The filtered oil can be used directly.