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Charcoal Briquette Press Machine Structure Characteristics

Jul 16, 2018

Introduction of charcoal briquette press machine:

It also called charcoal briquette making machine which is using the principle of spiral extrusion and propulsion to make the prepared pulverized coal into charcoal rod with predetermined shape.

briquette machine wood sawdust

Structure characteristics of charcoal briquette making machine:

1. The feeding spiral has a large lead, the feeding is fast, the propeller spiral lead is small, and the power is saved.

2. The shaft seat and the cylinder block are rigidly connected, with high concentricity, anti-back thrust, and stable machine.

3. The part to be sealed is made of a fault structure, and the dirt is leaked from the fault.

4. The V-belt drive has smooth operation, low noise and overload protection.

5. The machine head and the cylinder block are connected with a snap ring structure and a bolt structure, and are selected according to the needs of the user.