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Carbon Powder Molding Machine Technology Innovation

Jul 10, 2018

  Carbon powder molding machine technology process is used when producing mechanism charcoal. After a period of time, there will have amount of carbon residues which are not used and have no benefits. Therefore, our factory recommend carbon powder rod making machine, carbon powder pressing machine, carbon powder ball machine, multi-functional carbon powder forming machine, etc. The production procedure of charcoal powder making machine uses the crusher to crush the cinder evenly, after mixing by mill mixer, then forming charcoal rod.


  With the increasing energy shortage in the world, coal resources are becoming increasingly scarce, and the issue of bioenergy development is on the agenda. After years of practice, the mechanism charcoal is the best choice to replace coal. Compared with coal and other biofuels, it has the advantages of shape rules, less water, high calorific value, energy saving and environmental protection. It is the best choice for replacing coal in many places, and the demand for products is in short supply; many local governments have also introduced many preferential policies to encourage the development of the salary bar industry. It is also the best choice for many charcoal producers to break through the carbonization bottleneck and increase production.

  The advantages of mechanism charcoal: easy to store and transport which will decrease the cost; compared with coal, it has low ignition point, easy to ignite; the density is increased, high energy density, and significant increase in combustion duration, can be directly applied to coal-fired boilers.