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Briquette Extruder Machine From Shuliy Is Used Widely

Jun 25, 2018

  Charcoal briquette machine is also named briquette extruder machine, it adopts the principle of spiral extrusion to press the coal powder into pre-shaped rod with a certain strength. Charcoal extruder machine adopts hard tooth surface reducer, small volume and high bearing capacity.

  Working principle of briquette extruder machine:

  Charcoal briquette making machine is a tool for making differently shaped bar-shaped pieces from powdered raw coal. Its working principle is: the electric motor transmits power to transmission machine by V-belt, the transmission output shaft transmits power to the propeller shaft through floating couplings, the propeller in the propeller shaft promotes the coal material from the forming die, then the ideal high pressure coal rod is produced.


  The structure advantages:

  1. Large feed screw lead, high speed feeding speed, save labor.

  2. Screw foundation and cylinder adopt rigid connection, high concentricity, anti-reverse thrust, stability.

  3. Sealed section adopts fault structure, dirt is missing from the fault.

  4. V-belt drive, stable operation, low noise, and overload protection at the same time.

  5. The machine head and the cylinder body are connected with a snap ring structure and a bolt structure, and are selected according to users’ needs.