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Biomass Briquette Machine Realizes Fully Automated Operation Process

Aug 03, 2018

Biomass briquette machine technology is constantly changing and it has entered the stage of full automation. Through fully automated operation, it can not only significantly improve the production efficiency of coal bar machine, but also bring scale benefits and increase revenue. So, how do biomass briquette machine achieve a fully automated process? What are the precautions in a fully automated process?

Biomass briquette machine

Essentials for fully automated operation of biomass briquette making machine:

1. The safety protection state must be activated before the fully automated operation of the coal rod machine. Only after the safety protection is activated, the coal rod machine does not generate other actions by authorizing the safety protection mode to ensure the safety of production.

2. In the fully automated operation phase, pressing the "Emergency Stop" button will disconnect the power supply from the control panel to the coal rod machine. This button can only be used in emergency situations. It is generally not recommended to activate the button frequently.

3. After stopping the fully automated operation, the coal rod machine may continue to rotate for a few seconds, which is caused by the inertia of the main plunger. The time for the rotation to stop depends on the extrusion speed. At this time, the coal rod machine cannot be repaired immediately. Other operations must be performed after the coal bar machine has been stopped.

4. When it is necessary to stop the fully automated operation of the biomass briquette machine, it is necessary to stop the raw material feeding work first, and reduce the residual amount of the raw materials in the coal bar machine, thereby clearing the obstacles for the next maintenance and the next start.